16 Fanfics to Read for Bats and Kirin Day! (2024)

16 Fanfics to Read for Bats and Kirin Day! (1)

The bat and kirin fanfics continue. This list is different from last year, so hit that up if you want more bat and kirin!

We've got a bunch of fanfics for you all today scouted out by Whisper Key. Go get them below if you want to read about interesting poni things.


Slice of Life

Luster Dawn's Roommate by Nitro Indigo [2k words]


When Luster Dawn joins the School of Friendship in the middle of the academic year, the first student she meetsis her roommate, a kirin who’s more than eager to introduce herself and show Luster around... but not before telling her about her awkward first day.

Portrait of a Kirin by Admiral Biscuit [1k words]


Living with a Kirin is actually not that weird. There are language difficulties and cultural differences, but snugglingis universal.

The Witching Hour by Chaotic Ink [117k words]


Midnight Storm has had a hard life. She's wandered from city to city for the past three years, and they've alleventually run her out after they've found out what she is. Against her better judgement, she's placed her last hopes on the small town of Ponyville.

The residents here are nice enough, but when they find out what she really is, will they accept her, or drive herout like all the others? And when Celestia finds out about her, what plans does the Princess of the Sun have in store for the mare?

Just a Little Reprobat by I Thought I Was Toast [6k words]


Babysitting sucks when you could be out on a Friday night. Babysitting a pair of deviant, little reprobats suckseven more. Guarding the cookie jar has its perks, though.


A Kirin In Cardboard by TheLegendaryBillCipher [3k words]


When Applejack delivers a package to the Kirin Village, Autumn Blaze meets a cardboard box for the first time.

A Lot of Kirins in Cardboard by TheDriderPony [2k words]


After having learned of the joys and amazing potential of Cardboard Boxes for herself, Autumn Blaze decides thatshe must share this discovery with her village.

It ends with a declaration of war.

Kirinsurance by SockPuppet [2k words]


Need deniable arson? Anger a kirin!

Accidental Arson by FrostTheWolf [2k words]


One weekend, Rarity invites Applejack to Canterlot for tea and the chance to catch up on things. Simple right?

Instead, they learned that the tea shop just so happened to have caught fire. And a familiar pair of kirin aresomehow responsible. Surely, there's more to the story, right?

How Kirins go to School by TwiFan6789 [1k words]


Every Kirin dreads the day they have to get to school...

Kirin Beans by Raugos [1k words]


Kirin coffee is the best there is.

There is absolutely nothing suspicious about it.

Autumn Blaze Takes a Class by SockPuppet [1k words]


Autumn Blaze takes a human history class. The professor deserves a pay raise.


What Must Be Done by Vargras [6k words]


The Night Guard are as efficient as they are enigmatic, but it takes the curiosity of a recruit to discover thatsome things are simply best left unsaid.

Diplomatic Security by Georg [3k words]


When a diplomatic mission to the griffons goes wrong, it falls to the Royal Guard to extract the ambassador andwarn Princess Celestia about the upcoming surprise attack. Unfortunately there is only enough time to accomplish one of their tasks.


Beyond the Veil of Sleep by Starscribe [87k words]


Everything got so much worse for batponies after Nightmare Moon was banished. Even those with no involvement inthe war, Equestria turned hostile. Instead of a loving home, Mira grew up as an orphan, cowering in terror from the advance of Princess Celestia's Golden Army.

In the shadowy caverns of Understory, the ancient arts were still taught: Dreamwalking, and all the 'dark' practicesthat were once fundamental to the bats' reverence of Princess Luna.

After the death of somepony close to her, Mira finally resolved to do something. She didn't have the power to fightagainst Equestria, but maybe she could do something else.

With the forbidden knowledge of the sleeping world, she could rescue Nightmare Moon, and save batponies everywherefrom extinction. That, or die trying.

Grimbush by Pen and Paper [8k words]


The Seventh Company of the solar guard should have left the town Grimbush to its own devices, but when a letterasking them to clear out a pest invasion lands in their possession, they have no choice but to oblige.

Disgruntled and annoyed, the soldiers march into the mire only to find something far deadlier than they expected.

From the West They Came by Not That Anon [26k words]


Ancient pony legends say that the Royal Sisters came from the west. Until now, the long and dangerous voyage stoppedanypony from attempting to validate those claims. But when Luna’s banishment puts an end to the rebellion, a group of her most devoted subjects sets out to help their Princess in any way they can, even if it means traveling to places where no bat has traveledbefore and where the harmonious laws of reality are suggestions at best.

16 Fanfics to Read for Bats and Kirin Day! (2)

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16 Fanfics to Read for Bats and Kirin Day! (2024)
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