Are Silkie Chickens the New Trendy Pet to Have in Singapore? (2024)

Are Silkie Chickens the New Trendy Pet to Have in Singapore? (1)

Are Silkie Chickens the New Trendy Pet to Have in Singapore? (2)

Above Many local breeders incubate Silkie chicken eggs and raise Silkies from when they are chicks.

Why do they make good pets?

There are many reasons why Silkie chickens make for excellent pets as opposed to animals such as cats or dogs or even other birds. For one, Silkie chickens cannot fly. This means that they are much easier to contain and you don't have to worry too much about them escaping.

Considering their calm and friendly temperament, Silkies are also really great for households with younger children as they are unlikely to get aggressive. In fact, once a Silkie chicken becomes comfortable with you, you can actually cuddle them and pet them almost as if they were a puppy. Silkies are also very intelligent creatures and can be trained to respond when called. They will also likely follow you around the house, much like what Ryan did.

While it is true that your chickens will likely crow in the morning and intermittently throughout the day, they are no more noisy than a typical cat or dog. If insects are the bane of your existence in your home, a Silkie chicken will also eat them up which makes them an excellent form of insect repellant.

Jazz Chong, the founder and owner of Ode to Art gallery and her architect husband, Edmund Ng, own four Silkie chickens of their own and they are absolutely smitten with them. The couple and their children were offered Silkie chicken eggs last year and decided to put them in the incubator they had at home.

Chong said: "Every morning, the whole family would monitor the incubator, after 21 days we saw the eggs hatch and over the next few months, we watched the adorable baby chicks grow into beautiful, soft Silkies. It was a moving bonding experience for all of us."

She added that though they had stumbled upon Silkie chickens by accident, they ended up being the perfect pets for her and her family.

"They are relatively quiet, so my neighbours are not disturbed. They are as fluffy as a cat or a dog, and my kids love to play with them. They have so much fun together. Even feeding them every morning has become our fun little family routine," Chong said.

That said, chicken enthusiast and owner of Facebook Group SG Polish Chickens, a community that aims at educating the public about responsible chicken ownership in Singapore, Jayce Ho, warns that even Silkies can turn out to be aggressive. She said: "Cute chicks may turn out to be a noisy and aggressive rooster, even for mild breeds such as Silkies and Polish."

She went on to warn potential owners that this should be something to already anticipate when thinking of getting a Silkie chicken as a pet as it is not right to simply abandon your chicken later on in life when they grow up.

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Are Silkie Chickens the New Trendy Pet to Have in Singapore? (3)

Are Silkie Chickens the New Trendy Pet to Have in Singapore? (4)

Above Silkie chickens can clean themselves and technically require very little maintenance.

Are they legal and safe?

Silkie chickens are perfectly legal in private residential areas. In fact, you can keep up to 10 chickens in your home if you have the space to do so.

If you choose to have that many chickens in your home, they will need to be caged in a well-ventilated chicken coop and run to ensure that they do not escape and disturb other residents.

Chong mentioned that she herself used to keep her chickens in the house till they got bigger. She said: "We had them in the house when they were chicks, but now they need their space, so they roam free in my (enclosed) backyard, where we installed a small henhouse. It has become my kids’ favourite area to play in."

She added that Silkie chickens, particularly the females, tend to be on the smaller side compared to other breeds which means they don't need much space in general. However, she does stress that it is important that a Silkie chicken does not get cold or wet and so a sheltered area is very important for them.

Not to mention, if you are worried that your Silkie chicken might be dirty or unhygienic, you can rest easy. As long as you put them in a clean environment, your chicken will clean itself. They are surprisingly low-maintenance.

You can also freely use your Silkie chicken for fresh eggs and skip that aisle in the supermarket.

Also, as Bird Flu does not exist in Singapore, you do not need to worry about it.

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Are Silkie Chickens the New Trendy Pet to Have in Singapore? (5)

Are Silkie Chickens the New Trendy Pet to Have in Singapore? (6)

Above If you live in a HDB, you will not be allowed to keep a chicken as a pet unfortunately. (Image: Jazz Chong)

Where can I get a Silkie chicken in Singapore?

Unlike regular pets, you are not going to find a Silkie chicken at a normal pet store. In fact, many chicken enthusiasts actually discourage you from trying to go out and buy a Silkie chicken as it can encourage breeders to breed and sell these beautiful birds illegally and irresponsibly.

However, it is legal to get a Silkie egg, incubate it and then raise the chick. However, Ho emphasises the need to really put thought into the decision. She said: "Always make sure that you discuss with your family members before hatching or committing to any pets. You may end up hatching roosters. Are you able to handle its aggressiveness and crowing?"

She added that her own family discussed and planned for over a year before they themselves committed to keeping chickens in their home.

You can also choose to adopt abandoned chickens if you are able to. Currently, many chickens, in particular, get abandoned when they grow up and are no longer small and cute.

Remember that Silkie chickens have a lifespan of around nine years and though they are easy to care for, they still require knowledge and appropriate handling as well as daily care. One should always be responsible, not buy these birds on impulse and seek out legal and well-researched places if you are looking to adopt a chicken or to incubate an egg.


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Are Silkie Chickens the New Trendy Pet to Have in Singapore? (2024)


Are Silkie chickens legal in Singapore? ›

Owning poultry, including Silkie chickens, is allowed in Singapore for those who live on private property. Keeping poultry in HDB flats is not allowed due to public health reasons.

Can you keep chicken as a pet in Singapore? ›

Chickens. Private property owners may keep up to 10 chickens on their property. However, they should ensure that the chickens are contained in a bird-proof cage or enclosure. On the other hand, if you live in an HDB flat, chickens are strictly prohibited as pets.

What are the pros and cons of a Silkie chicken? ›

Chapter 9: Pros & Cons of Silkie Chickens
Good with kidsSusceptible to live & mites
Relatively quietGo broody often
Great if you're looking to hatch chicksCan get picked on by other chickens
Make for the best petsCan have issues in wet/cold climates
3 more rows
Jun 15, 2023

Do Silkie chickens make good pets? ›

They are super sweet and make great family pets. They're not known for their egg laying abilities as they only lay an average of 120 small eggs per year. Most people keep Silkies for show birds, family pets, or to brood and hatch eggs.

Do Silkie chickens carry diseases? ›

Leghorns and light egg-type breeds tend to be more vulnerable to disease than meat type breeds. Silkies in particular, are highly susceptible to Marek's Disease.

Can you have a Silkie chicken as an indoor pet? ›

Silkies love attention, cuddles, and bear confinement well; they are often kept as indoor house birds. The Silkie rooster is generally calm and docile as well. A Silkie rooster also makes an excellent rooster choice for someone just adding a rooster to their flock.

What pets are legal in Singapore? ›

Acquiring the Pet

Animals for sale include dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and chinchillas. Other animals such as red-eared sliders are allowed to be sold with certain conditions and permission from the Director-General of Wildlife Management. Check out the AVS website for more information.

Why is chicken so expensive in Singapore? ›

Iklan. But they pegged the price increase to several causes, including inflation and Malaysia's chicken export ban which was implemented in June last year to address the country's domestic supply shortage. The export ban was only partially lifted in October for live broiler chickens.

How much is chicken in Singapore? ›

Related Indicators for Singapore Retail Prices: Whole Chicken, Chilled (Per Kilogram)
Singapore Retail Prices: Whole Chicken, Chilled (Per Kilogram) (SGD/kg)8.400 Mar 2024
Singapore Retail Prices: Petrol, 92 Octane (Per Litre) (SGD/l)2.660 Mar 2024
66 more rows

How much does a Silkie cost? ›

Blue Banty Farm
Straight Run
3 more rows

What is the lifespan of a Silkie chicken? ›

Silkies are relatively long lived for chickens with an average life expectancy of around eight or nine years and they remain productive long after other breeds have stopped laying eggs.

Can you eat Silkie chicken eggs? ›

Yes, you can eat Silkie eggs. They taste pretty good as Silkies love to free range and find all sorts of greenery and insects, all of which improve the eggs and especially the bright yellow yolks. Because Silkies are so small, their eggs are also a little smaller but that makes them ideal for a kid's breakfast.

Do Silkies like to cuddle? ›

Silkies are known for their docile personalities, good mothering abilities, and unique looks. They're the teddy bear cuddlers of the chicken world. Silkies are one of the most unique chicken breeds in the world.

Can you potty train a Silkie chicken? ›

Having spotted this tail twitch, you need to lift the chicken into the litter box asap. Once she has done the deed, reward her with a treat and use a clicker (or a whistle) to reinforce the learning. Leave the poo in the tray for a while, until at least two more poos have been deposited. Give her a treat each time.

Are Silkies hard to keep alive? ›

Thanks to their fluffy feathers and docile behavior, silkies are a great starter bird for anyone looking to begin their own backyard flock. Silkies generally require smaller coops than other chickens. They still need plenty of food and water, however. Other than that, these birds have relatively few requirements.

What birds are legal in Singapore? ›

All Birds except house crow (Corvus splendens), white-vented or Javan myna (Acridotheres javanicus), common myna (Acridotheres tristis), feral pigeon (Columba livia), and birds which are prescribed as protected wildlife species. All fish except piranhas and fish which are prescribed as protected wildlife species.

Can you keep Silkie chicken in HDB? ›

Owning poultry, including Silkie chickens, is allowed in Singapore for those who live on private property. Keeping poultry in HDB flats is not allowed due to public health reasons.

Is it legal to own a quail in Singapore? ›

It is important to learn and understand the commitment, dedication, time and financial requirements needed to have pet quails, pet chickens or pet ducks in urban Singapore. The government allows each private residence to have a maximum of 10 poultry kept within a bird-proof enclosure with a roof [10].

Can you own a bird in Singapore? ›

SINGAPORE'S WILD ANIMALS AND BIRDS. AVS enforces the Wild Animals and Birds Act, which makes it illegal to trap and be in possession of any Singapore's wildlife. It is an offence to kill, take or keep any wild animal or bird without a licence, other than those specified in the Schedule such as mynas, pigeons and crows.

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