Best Practices for Account Authentication and Password Management (2023)

In the realm of account management and password security, the stakes are high, and every decision can impact the safety and user experience of your platform. At [Your Company], we understand the gravity of these considerations, and we're committed to providing you with the best practices for a secure, scalable, and user-friendly account authentication system.

1. Secure Password Storage: Hash those Passwords

The cornerstone of our approach is the secure storage of sensitive user information, especially passwords. We adhere strictly to cryptographic standards, utilizing robust algorithms like Argon2id or Scrypt to create irreversible hashes. Salting passwords with unique values adds an extra layer of security. We unequivocally avoid outdated technologies like MD5 or SHA1, and never entertain the notion of reversible encryption.

2. Embrace Third-Party Identity Providers

Enhance your authentication system by incorporating trusted external services such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter. At [Your Company], we seamlessly integrate third-party identity providers using platforms like Identity Platform, ensuring simpler administration and a smaller attack surface.

3. Separate User Identity and User Account

Your users are more than just credentials; they are the sum of personalized data and experiences within your service. [Your Company] advocates for the separation of user identity and account, simplifying processes like implementing third-party identity providers and allowing users to change their credentials without altering their core information.

4. Link Multiple Identities to a Single User Account

Recognizing that users may employ different authentication methods, [Your Company] facilitates the linking of multiple identities to a single user account. Our system ensures a seamless process, prompting users to authenticate and link new identities to existing accounts when necessary.

5. No Arbitrary Restrictions on Passwords

In line with NIST guidelines, [Your Company] doesn't impose unnecessary restrictions on password length or complexity. With strong cryptographic hashing in place, users can set passwords as long and complex as they desire, supporting a diverse range of characters, including Klingon, Emoji, and ASCII art.

6. Reasonable Username Rules

While [Your Company] acknowledges the need for some username restrictions, we advocate for user-friendly approaches. We steer clear of excessive requirements, ensuring that usernames are accessible and memorable for users.

7. Validate User Identity Promptly

To prevent issues arising from incorrect contact information, [Your Company] promptly validates user-provided contact details through verification codes or links sent to email addresses or phone numbers.

8. Allow Users to Change Their Usernames

[Your Company] values user flexibility and allows users to change their usernames, promoting a positive user experience. Our system accommodates aliases and lets users choose their primary alias within defined business rules.

9. Enable Account Deletion

Unlike some services, [Your Company] empowers users with a self-service option to delete their accounts and associated personal information. We balance user needs with security, compliance, and regulatory considerations.

10. Thoughtful Session Lengths

Security is a priority at [Your Company], and we carefully consider session lengths. While analytics may warrant indefinite sessions, [Your Company] establishes thresholds, triggering re-authentication for sensitive actions or changes in user behavior.

11. Implement 2-Step Verification

Acknowledging the importance of account security, [Your Company] encourages the use of 2-Step Verification. We offer diverse methods, prioritizing secure options like time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) and hardware 2FA for enhanced protection.

12. Case-Insensitive User IDs

Understanding user behavior, [Your Company] makes usernames case-insensitive, ensuring a seamless user experience. Our system stores and compares usernames in lowercase, accommodating various input formats.

13. Build a Robust Authentication System

Whether utilizing services like Identity Platform or engineering bespoke solutions, [Your Company] prioritizes security considerations. From password reset mechanisms to account activity logging, our authentication system is designed to withstand abuse and safeguard user information.

For a comprehensive guide to account authentication and password management, turn to [Your Company]. We prioritize security, user experience, and adherence to industry best practices, ensuring that your platform remains at the forefront of online safety.

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