Hazbin Hotel: Who is Husk? (2024)

We can’t stop talking about that masterpiece of the TV series exclusively on Amazon Prime created by the brilliant mind of Vivienne Medrano, Hazbin Hotel: let’s talk about Husk, one of the most interesting characters who still has a lot to offer!

Hazbin Hotel is one of our favorite TV series on Amazon Prime Video and, considering the charm of all its characters, we thought we’d dedicate a series of specials dedicated to them. The first in this series was Alastor, which we think is the most cryptic, enigmatic and fascinating of the whole series. But now we want to talk about another great character, who however hasn’t shown much in the series, probably saving himself for the second season. Let’s talk about Huskthe bartender at Hazbin Hotel!

Who was he before Hell? | Hazbin Hotel: Who is Husk?

Let’s proceed step by step, as we did with Alastor in the first special dedicated to this series of specials on the characters of Hazbin Hotel. The question we need to start with is “who Husk was before he died?”. As we can also read in the character’s wiki page, we can understand that Husk was a prestigious player (even if this is already clear from the series). As he also explained to Angel, Husk is a gambling addict, as he was also in his earthly life. Husk was in fact born in Las Vegas, a place where betting and gambling reign supreme, it is no coincidence that our beloved hell cat grew up in that environment. When he was a child, moreover, he loved madly i magic games. For him these shows were a corner in which to take refuge from the violence of life and the scams of those who gambled. Precisely from these he learned to survive, by combining magic tricks and sleight of hand to survive in a world where deceptions were the main dishes served at the table.

Vivziepop (the creator of the series) has in fact confirmed that Husk has had a career since magician magician and he made a living by tricking people into gambling thanks to the magic tricks he learned from watching other magicians’ shows. Also, as he also says in the series, when he was a Overlord he sold weapons, he probably also did it in his life to further enlarge the empire he had slowly built starting from nothing. Husk also had a strong addiction to alcohol, which is why, since there are no X-shaped scars on his body reincarnated as a demon (as in the case of Alastor and Vaggie), it is thought that Husk he died precisely because of this addiction.

Hazbin Hotel: Who is Husk? (1)

“Remember” | Hazbin Hotel: Who is Husk?

We don’t know much about Husk’s past life, other than what the author of the series gave us when talking about the character. But there are some interesting details about his name. According to some, “Husk” indicates a person left with nothing, devoid of any sensation and empty. Another fan also told Vivienne Medrano that in Danish it means “remember“. Medrano replied that the name is very fitting for the character, considering his history and what he has been through. The author isn’t entirely wrong, in fact Husk found himself from having everything to having nothing: an entire empire destroyed. Not surprisingly, when he made a deal with Alastorhe lost everything he had, including his respect as one of the Overlords of Hell.

By analyzing the character even more, we can understand that Husk has a really sad and dark past. As we said before, he grew up in casinos, probably not even wanted by his parents. At worst, Husk could be an illegitimate child, born during a moment of fun between a rich man and a casino lady. Also noticing his behavior with everyone, especially with Angel, Husk proves he has a avoidant attachment. Avoidant attachment leads the person who has lost someone they loved to no longer want to bond with anyone for fear of losing again. Medrano also confirmed this, saying that in reality Husk needs attentionbecause he would like to receive love, but for fear of losing it he does not accept it and avoids it.

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The relationship with Angel Dust | Hazbin Hotel: Who is Husk?

We have already mentioned the character of Angel Dust a few lines earlier. This character represents a turning point in Husk’s life. Recognizing the tricks, lies and deceptions, Husk was the only man to reveal the true face beneath the effeminate boy’s p*rn star mask. During an argument, triggered by the bartender’s exhausted reaction to receiving yet another advance from Angel, the latter leaves the hotel to vent elsewhere and Husk, pushed by Vaggie, goes to get him back. During this surveillance patrol, Remember salva la vita a Angel, who was about to be drugged by a gangster shark. This shows that Husk cares about him and that he is a very protective person. Proof that Husk has a heart of gold beneath his grumpy cat mask. Precisely during that conversation between the two, we discover the whole story of Husk. All the dramas he had to go through and what he had to go through to get out of it.

Remember, in fact, he saw himself in Angel, deciding to throw his pain and suffering into alcohol, searching for the solution in the bottom of every bottle he drank. Angel is a young man with less experience than Husk, which is why the latter, seeing himself again, bonded with him. According to Medrano the two would be best friends, although many people think there is something more. In fact it was confirmed by the author herself that Husk is pansexual, which is why, considering the various tensions that have existed between the two, something more could arise. The fact is that Angel managed to bring out the real Huskto push him to open his heart, as Husk also admits in the song “Loser, Baby“. This song perfectly describes the duo, who have continually suffered bad luck in their lives and met horrible people, in short, they suck. But the song teaches that no one is alone in bad times and that Sucking together isn’t that bad.

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You’re a loser, baby

Husk is a truly tormented character, who lives with the awareness of having lost everything he had built with his own strength, without counting on anyone. A character in which many of us can see each other againIn fact, many people happen to suffer the worst misfortunes and lose everything we have achieved with so much effort. Husk teaches us that failure is a normal thingthat we all fall and that this must not stop us from continuing to search reasons to live. We, among other things, like to think that Husk found it precisely by meeting Angel, the only one who was able to open the heart of our beloved cat. Failure is human, it is part of life, the important thing is to keep fighting and find other reasons to continue living.

What do you think of Husk? Do you like the character? Tell us yours in the comments! Continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com for the next special on Hazbin Hotel!

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Hazbin Hotel: Who is Husk? (2024)
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