How Much Does a Maine Fishing License Cost? A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

When it comes to angling in the picturesque state of Maine, understanding the cost of a fishing license is crucial for both residents and non-residents. Let's delve into the details of Maine's fishing license fees to ensure you're well-equipped for a memorable fishing experience.

1. Resident Fishing License: Affordable Access for Locals

Maine residents aged 16 and older can obtain a fishing license for a reasonable fee of $25. This affordable option opens up a world of angling opportunities across the state's diverse water bodies.

2. Non-Resident Fishing License: Exploring the Beauty of Maine

Non-residents, eager to cast their lines in Maine's pristine waters, can acquire a fishing license for $64. While a slightly higher cost, the experience of fishing in this scenic state is undoubtedly worth the investment.

3. Combination Fishing and Hunting License: A Multi-Adventure Option

For those seeking a blend of fishing and hunting experiences, Maine offers a Combination Fishing and Hunting License. Residents can enjoy this combination for $43, while non-residents can obtain it for $150.

4. License for Various Age Groups: Tailored Options

Maine caters to different age groups with specific license fees. Children aged 5 and under can get a combination license for $150, while those between 6 and 15 years pay $300. Residents aged 65 and above enjoy reduced fees of $50, while those aged 66 pay $40.

5. COVID-19 Impacts: Adjustments in License Requirements

In response to the pandemic, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife adapted fishing license requirements. Stay informed about any changes, as regulations may evolve to address the ongoing situation.

6. Lifetime Fishing License: A Long-Term Investment

Residents of Maine, aged 70 and above, can opt for a lifetime fishing license. This one-time investment provides a cost-effective and hassle-free approach to enjoying the state's fishing opportunities.

7. Saltwater Fishing: Essential Licensing for Coastal Pursuits

If you're planning saltwater fishing in Maine, ensure you have a valid Maine Saltwater fishing license. This requirement applies to all anglers, and it's essential for compliance with state regulations.

8. Walmart as a License Vendor: Convenient Access

Walmart serves as a convenient option for obtaining your fishing license, with an annual fee of $40. Take advantage of the accessibility provided by this retail giant to kickstart your angling adventures.

9. Consequences of Unlicensed Fishing: Fines and Penalties

Fishing without a valid license in Maine can result in Class E crimes, with fines starting at $50 and additional penalties. Stay informed and adhere to licensing regulations to avoid legal complications.

10. Special Considerations for Veterans: Honoring Service

Disabled veterans with a service-connected disability of 50% or more may qualify for a complimentary license, covering various hunting and fishing activities. Check eligibility criteria and make the most of this tribute to veterans.

In Conclusion

Before embarking on your fishing journey in Maine, equip yourself with the right fishing license based on your residency, age, and preferences. Stay updated on any regulatory changes, and ensure a seamless and lawful fishing experience in the stunning landscapes of the Pine Tree State. Happy fishing!

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