Jacob Landry' Net Worth, Age, Family, Wife Lyndsi Landry, and fact. - Swamp People Cast (2024)

Jacob Landry is an American reality star, director, and actor. He is recognized for his work on the Queen Latifah show back in 2013, as well as Paranormal Extremes.

Jacob has worked closely with his father over the years aboard his boat on the hunt for the deadliest reptiles.

He grew up roaming across the Atchafalaya River Basin in the South. Hunting skill has been passed down from generation to generation. As such, the swamp is like a second home to him. Learn more about Jacob Landry’s net worth and family right here.

Who is Jacob Landry?

Jacob Landry is known for being the son of the swamp king, Troy Landry. His father is probably the most renowned gator hunter not only in the South of Louisiana but also in America in general. Hunting goes back five generations in the Landry Family.

It, therefore, came as no surprise when Jacob decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He has closely worked with his father and brothers, Chase and Brandon Landry, across the bayou. Jacob was even in charge of the very second boat his father set up.


Jacob was reasonably eager to take up the family business. As such, he learned all there was to learn about fishing for shrimp, trapping, hunting, and lumberjacking.

Part of the work he did on the bayou involved not only setting up bait but also shooting the deadly reptiles. Just like most of the other hunters, he relies on the annual seasonal hunting period to pull in revenue.

Jacob Landry’s interests stretch well beyond the swamplands. He not only stars alongside his family on the “Swamp People” but has also worked on a few other projects. This was the history channel special Blood and Guts.

Jacob Landry’s Age.

Swamp People star Jacob Landry was born on December 27th, 1983, in Louisiana. At the point of writing, Jacob Landry is 39 years old. He is also a Capricorn.

Jacob Landry’s Net worth.

Jacob has ventured well beyond his family’s line of business. He is not only a gator hunter and crawfish fisherman but also works in the movie business.

Back in 2015, he not only starred in but also featured in the horror flick Text Messages From the Dead. Jacob also helps in the management of his family’s tourism promotion website, Choot’ Em.

As of 2023, Jacob Landry’s net worth stands at $500,000. His father, on the other hand, is much more popular than Jacob. He is valued at $ 2 million at the moment.

Jacob Landry’s Family.

Jacob Landry’s parents are famous gator hunters Troy Landry and Bernita Landry. His mother is a former educator at Pierre Part Elementary. Both of Jacob Landry’s parents are involved with the History Channel Network.


He was raised alongside two brothers. These are Brandon and Chase Landry, all of whom are heavily involved in the family business as well.

Chase operates as a deckhand in addition to his exploits in hunting. Brandon, on the other hand, doubles up as an estimation manager.

Jacob Landry’s Wife is Lyndsi Landry.

Jacob Landry is married to a woman named Lyndsi Landry. The two tied the knot back in 2009 in their home state of Louisiana. There are no details regarding the ceremony.

All we could unearth was the fact that it was a small little event with a few friends and family in attendance.

At the point of writing, the pair has been married for over a decade. Jacob and Lyndsi have two children together. Their first child, Ridge Adam, came into this world in June 2011.

He is 12 years old at the moment. His brother Kase followed four years later, more specifically, around June 15th. Despite their relatively young age, both of Jacob’s children have already gone on several gator-hunting trips. Jacob has even taught his eldest child how to fire a gun.


A quick look at his social media profile will show you that Ridge Adam has already grown into a competent hunter. There is a photograph of him standing next to a large buck he shot on his father’s Facebook profile.

It is fair to say that his sons have adjusted well to life in the bayou. It is clear that they are being moulded to take over the family business.

Jacob Landry Wiki-Facts.

Full nameJacob Landry
Age39 years old.
Date of birthDecember 27th,1983.
Place of BirthPierre Part, Louisiana, USA.
ProfessionDeadly Reptile Hunter, Fisherman, Actor, Assistant Director, and Television Personality.
Net worth$ 500,000
PartnerLyndsi Landry.
Zodiac SignCapricorn.
ParentsTroy Landry and Bernita Landry.

Jacob Landry has done his best to step out of his father’s shadow. He is more than a hunter and fisherman, as his exploits in acting would suggest. This has not diminished his survival skills in any way.

In fact, Jacob is as good as any of his family members in this regard. He can even keep up with his father, Troy, who is considered the king of the swamp. These are skills he has passed down to his children as well.

Jacob Landry' Net Worth, Age, Family, Wife Lyndsi Landry, and fact. - Swamp People Cast (2024)
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