Mastering French Numbers: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

Learning French numbers may seem daunting, but with our expert guide, you'll navigate the numeric landscape effortlessly. Numbers are fundamental in any language, and mastering them enhances your proficiency significantly. Let's delve into the intricacies of French numbers from 1 to 100.

Foundation: Numbers 1 to 20

Begin with the basics, mastering numbers 1 to 16, each distinct and forming the building blocks of French numeric structure:

  • Un
  • Deux
  • Trois
  • Quatre
  • Cinq
  • Six
  • Sept
  • Huit
  • Neuf
  • Dix
  • Onze
  • Douze
  • Treize
  • Quatorze
  • Quinze
  • Seize

Continue with 17 to 19, noting the pattern of combining the base number "dix" with the specific number:

  • Dix-sept (17)
  • Dix-huit (18)
  • Dix-neuf (19)

And the 20th is simply "vingt."

Scaling Up: Numbers 21 to 60

Extend your knowledge by adding "et" between the tens and units, making phrases like "vingt-et-un" for 21. Memorize the tens:

  • 30 (trente)
  • 40 (quarante)
  • 50 (cinquante)
  • 60 (soixante)

Combine them, remembering to add "et" after the tens for the first unit, e.g., 31 = trente-et-un.

Advanced Patterns: Numbers 70 to 100

Navigate exceptions like 70, 80, and 90:

  • 60 + 10 = 70 (soixante-dix)
  • 60 + 11 = 71 (soixante et onze)
  • 60 + 15 = 75 (soixante-quinze)
  • 60 + 19 = 79 (soixant-dix-neuf)

For 80, think "quatre-vingt" (four times 20), and for 90, it's "quatre-vingt-dix" (four times 20 plus 10). To say 100, simply use "cent."

Memorization Techniques

Enhance retention with a number memory game using bilingual cards. Write the digits in one color, the French representation in another, and pronunciation in a third. Mix and match, creating a dynamic learning experience.

Pronunciation Tips

Understand French pronunciation nuances:

  • Ignore silent E's unless accentuated.
  • Treat S and X as silent in most cases.
  • Pronounce X like an S in numbers.

Remember nasal vowels (en, in, un, and an) and master the guttural R sound.

Practical Application

Integrate French numbers into daily life:

  • Read prices, labels, and nutritional information in French.
  • Practice arithmetic in French.
  • Memorize phone contacts, appointments, and bank transactions in French.


Mastering French numbers is a journey that involves practice, practical application, and dynamic learning methods. Utilize our comprehensive guide, and soon you'll effortlessly navigate the numeric landscape of the French language. Download our free French numbers poster to enhance your learning experience. Learning French numbers is not just about memorization; it's about incorporating them seamlessly into your daily routine. Start your journey to French proficiency today!

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