Top 5 Dog Feeders With Storage To Choose From In 2022 Reviews (2024)

Are you searching for a convenient way to store your dog food close to the dog feeding station?

In case you are, dog feeders with storage are the option for you. The market offers many different such products, from plastic to wooden material, as well as different sizes available. I have put together a review list of all the different styles and sizes so you can choose the most suitable one for you.

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Important Information About Dog Feeders With Storage

Why Storing Food Is Important?

When buying dog food it is also important to keep it fresh and healthy for your four-legged friend by storing it in an adequate way. It is wise to choose storage options that are airtight and keep food odors away. In case you buy a durable product, you should be able to keep the food away from any bugs or pests, which is important for your dog’s health. If you keep food in a bag that it was bought in, even after opening it, you risk contaminating the food with insects or the food going stale.

Health Benefits Of Elevated Dog Bowls With Storage

To keep the nutrition values of food up to standard, it is important that food is kept in a dry, healthy and bacteria-free environment. Most dog food storage and feeder options are actually elevated feeders which bring a lot of health benefits to your fur baby. By keeping their head level above their stomach, dogs learn how to eat without choking, swallowing air and causing bloating. The elevated dog bowls with storage also reduce stress on neck muscles and joints, so they are suitable for older dogs, too.

What Materials To Look Out For?

The dog feeders with storage usually come with plastic and wooden material for storage area and bowls usually come in stainless steel. If you are going for the plastic option, make sure it is made out of non-toxic material so your dog and the environment are kept safe. Different materials and styles available on the market ensure you can find the one that best suits your dog’s needs and that best suits your house decor, as well. I would recommend you get a durable one so it can last you for the years to come. Check out online retailers, such as Walmart and Amazon, as well as look for the best ones in your local area.

Best 5 Dog Feeders With Storage Reviews

Best Plastic Dog Feeder With Storage

iris elevated feeder with airtight food storage

Available In Three Sizes

The plastic material made dog feeder comes in black, green and almond color with two stainless steel bowls included. It is also available in small, medium and large sizes and is suitable for different dog breeds and sizes. This Iris elevated dog feeder with storage is ideal for indoor use. Under the two stainless steel bowls, there is a container made for dry food storing with an airtight seal which will keep the food fresh, dry and protected from the outside world.

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User-Friendly Dog Feeder

The stainless steel bowls are ideal for dog feeding because they are made out of durable material which will be hard for the dogs to bite or chew on. They can be easily removed so they can be cleaned. Since they are made out of stainless steel, they should be rust-free and easy to wash. Since this dog feeder is elevated because of the storage container below the bowls, it will keep your house cleaner. It is easier for the dogs to eat out of these raised bowls so the food spilling is reduced. This way keeping your house clean is easy.

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Raised Feeders Reduce Pressure On Neck & Joints

Elevated dog feeders help teach dogs to eat healthy, reducing bloating and digestion problems. They are good for blind dogs because they don’t have to reach too low to access food like when the bowls are on the floor. Likewise, they are good for older dogs and dogs who have bone problems because eating out of a raised dog feeder will reduce pressure on neck muscles and joints.


  • plastic material
  • airtight food storage included
  • two stainless steel bowls
  • raised dog feeder

Best Adjustable Raised Dog Feeder With Storage

OurPets Adjustable Raised Dog Feeder & Storage

15-Pound Capacity

If you purchase this raised dog feeder with storage, you can adjust it to the height of your dog, so it can even be used for longer periods of time, even if your dog still hasn’t grown to its full size. It comes in beige color so it can easily blend into the house environment. This raised dog feeder consists of a storage compartment and two stainless steel bowls. The food storing container can hold up to 15 pounds of dry food.

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Dishwasher Safe Bowls

You can adjust the height between 8” to 12” so it can be of adequate height for the size of your dog. The stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe and resistant to rust so they are easy for maintenance. Moreover, these raised bowls protect the house walls and floors from food stains and spillage. This keeps the dog feeding station hygienic.

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Recommended By The Veterinarians

This elevated dog bowls with storage are recommended by the veterinarians and bring a lot of health benefits to your dog. Since they come with the elevated design of the feeding bowls, they promote healthy eating habits for dogs. For example, if the dog is fed from a raised bowl, it will prolong bone life and reduce pressure on joints and neck. When dogs eat out of this elevated feeder, they can do so by staying in a comfortable position, without getting too close to the floor.


  • 15 pounds of food storage
  • elevated design
  • stainless steel bowls
  • adjustable height (8”-12”)
  • health benefits

Best Dog Feeding Station With Storage

new age pet ecoFLEX Piedmont Pet Diner with Storage

Made Out Of A Wood-Plastic Polymer

This model by New Age Pet is available in ‘antique white’ color and is suitable for taller dogs. The food bowls stand at the height of 15” so it is ideal if you have a tall dog breed. Its wooden finish makes it look good even in modernly decored houses. Apart from being available in white color, there is also a grey and a brown option of the same model on the market.

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32-Ounce Stainless Steel Bowls Included

However, it is actually made out of a combination of wood and plastic polymer called ecoFlex. This wood-plastic polymer is made out of recycled materials and is non-toxic. The dog feeding station with storage is durable because of this reason so you don’t have to worry about breaks or splits in the storage box which can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Storing the food and keeping it fresh is made easy with this storage box. On top of the storage box, there is a dog feeding station with two stainless steel bowls included. These bowls have a capacity of 32 ounces each and they are easy to keep clean. The lid where the bowls are situated can be slid open to reveal the storage area underneath. Closing the lid in place is possible thanks to the latch on the side of the feeder.

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Elevated Bowls For Comfortable Eating

Since this dog food storage and feeder model has an elevated design of the bowls, they make eating for taller dogs especially comfortable. If your dog is taller in size, it won’t have to get too close to the ground with this feeder, which usually results in neck muscle and joint pain. Keeping their head above the level of the stomach, dogs reduce bloating and digestion problems while eating out of a raised dog bowls with storage included underneath the dog feeding station.


  • wood-plastic polymer material
  • bowl stand is 15” tall
  • stainless steel bowls included
  • storage area

Best Wooden Dog Bowl Stand With Storage

Casual Home Chappy Wooden Pet Feeder

Solid Wooden Material With Aluminum Bowls

The Casual Home model looks like it can fit into your home decor without much trouble thanks to the modern-looking combination of white and warm brown colors. On top of that, it is made out of wood. Two aluminum bowls are fitted into the lid of the storage area which is perfect for both food and water feeding. They are easily removed for cleaning. Solid wood is a durable material so you don’t have to be worried about storing sealed dog food in this container.

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How To Care For The Wooden Dog Feeder

Assembling this piece is said to be easy and comes with all the necessary hardware included. The top lid is made to be hard for dogs to open, so you don’t have to worry about your house being messy. It is suitable for medium and large dog breeds which won’t be able to flip over the bowls. The bowls can hold up to 3 cups of food. Caring for the wooden elevated dog bowls with storage won’t be too hard if you stick to the recommendations. Use a damp cloth to get rid of dirt on the wooden material and avoid keeping it in direct sunlight as this could prevent drying out the wood.

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Suitable For Dogs With Bone Conditions

The raised dog bowls stand at 11” so they provide a comfortable position when the dogs are eating out of them. The raised bowls will prevent bloating in dogs and aid digestion. They are suitable for older dogs and dogs who have poor sight. Likewise, if your dog has bone problems, consider this elevated feeder which will reduce neck muscle pain and pressure on your dog’s joints.


  • removable aluminum bowls included
  • sturdy wooden material
  • clean with a damp cloth

Best Cabinet-Like Dog Feeder With Storage

JMX Brands Inc Solid Pine Pet Feeder Station

Solid Pine Wood Material

This dog feeder with storage by JMX Brand Inc is a stylish solution for dog feeding and storing dog food and other supplies in one place. It is made out of solid pine wood and comes in ‘autumn wheat’ color. This design consists of a top open-concept shelf, a tilted-opening food storage cupboard, a dog feeding station with two bowls at the bottom and hooks on the side where you can keep your dog’s leashes et cetera.

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Airtight Food Storage

The food container has a capacity of 7 pounds for air-tight food storage. Since it is also not too close to the ground, it will prevent contaminating food with bugs and other pests. Keeping the food fresh is good for your dog because you will provide nutrient-rich food for them. This cabinet-like dog feeding station with storage can easily be disguised as normal house furniture and you can even use the top of the cabinet for displaying and storing other everyday things.

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Hidden Feeding Bowls

The tray with two stainless steel bowls at the bottom is fitted into a slide-out drawer so you can easily hide it away when your dog is not eating out of it. The bowls are dishwasher safe so you can always provide food for your pooch in a clean environment. The dog food storage and feeder cabinet is a great solution for smaller spaces because it will hide the feeding bowls, as well as store food inside it.


  • cabinet-like dog feeder with storage
  • solid pine wood
  • air-tight storage cupboard
  • dishwasher safe stainless steel bowls
  • stylish design

Conclusion: What Two Dog Feeders With Storage Should You Buy?

In conclusion, I would pick the following two out of the five reviewed dog food storage and feeder options: the Iris USA elevated feeder with airtight storage and the Casual Home wooden feeder. While they are both designed with elevated food bowls for comfortable eating, the first one is available in three sizes so you can pick out the one that will suit your dog’s size the best. It includes two stainless steel bowls. The latter of the two dog feeders is suitable for dogs that are bigger in size and is equipped with two aluminum bowls for food and water.

In case you still haven’t found the best option for you or you simply want to learn more aboutdog feedersin general, please read this article. If you are interested in finding out more aboutthe best elevated dog bowls, check out this article. You should also read this review about the best dog feeding stationsto learn more about different kinds of dog feeders available on the market.

Top 5 Dog Feeders With Storage To Choose From In 2022 Reviews (2024)
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