MADworld and Semk Products partner to bring B.Duck (2024)

Hong Kong — 5 p.m. Tuesday 14 December 2021: On 29 December 2021, just in time for the New Year, MADworld, partnering with Semk Products, will launch the first B.Duck series of NFTs.


MADworld and Semk Products partner to bring B.Duck (3)

The goal of the partnership is to ensure this timeless and playful brand is able to continue delivering on its purpose — “Be Playful, Be Unique, Be Happy” — in the digital world. The “Duckverse” will launch with a three-part series of B.Duck NFT drops, followed by cutting-edge on-chain content and gaming, physical products tied to digital ownership, and more. This innovative partnership will deliver digital B.Duck assets that provide valuable and lasting utility, guarantee a return on joy to the MADworld community, and entertain B.Duck’s 10M global fans for years to come.

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This partnership will extend B.Duck’s motivations — be positive and love traveling — far beyond just the physical world, sending B.Duck deep into the metaverse. B.Duck was inspired by a real-life rubber duck story in which a cargo ship set sail from the far east across the Pacific Ocean in 1992. During that trip the ship encountered a heavy storm that cast 30,000 rubber ducks into the North Pacific, only to float their way into all corners of the ocean. What was a seemingly terrifying experience became a journey of inspiration and exploration throughout the Pacific Ocean.

B.Duck, inspired by the journey of these rubber ducks, is motivated by a similar motto, bringing joy, positivity, and a love for travel to all those he encounters. So far, B.Duck has brought joy, positivity and inspired a love for travel among more than 10 million fans around the world. This has taken the form of consumer products, live events, promotional materials, and more. But, with the aim of spreading joy and positivity to more people in more formats, B.Duck will now set off on a journey floating to every corner of the metaverse.

MADworld is launching all the unique B.Duck NFTs in a three-part series, all to be completed within the first half of 2022. Each set in the three-part series will open minting to a different allocation of NFTs. The first in the three-part series will drop 4,000 unique and original B.Duck NFTs.

This first series will be available for minting to allowlist winners for 48 hours starting 29 December 2021 at 9 a.m. UTC (5 p.m. HKT). Minting will open to the general public on 31 December 2021 at 9 a.m. UTC (5 p.m. HKT). The total price for the first of the series will be 0.06 ETH per B.Duck NFT.

B.Duck NFTs will be available for minting on a dedicated B.Duck NFT page on the official website. MADworld will run a number of challenges and campaigns for community members to access the B.Duck NFT allowlist, giving them access to the early minting period from 29–31 December 2021 — guaranteeing them the chance to mint their B.Duck NFT.

Additionally, all UMAD token owners holding 2,500 total UMAD tokens or more in their ERC-20 wallet will automatically be placed on the allowlist and have the right to mint during the early minting period.

Make sure to follow all MADworld official announcements and community channels across Twitter, Medium, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram to stay updated about allowlist campaigns and other opportunities to acquire your first B.Duck NFT.

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These B.Duck NFTs will be designed in a 3D format with multiple unique characteristics such as hats, necklaces, glasses, and much more. The combination of these characteristics will dictate each B.Duck NFTs rarity. All three NFT drops in the series will be initially delivered as a Mystery Box — each purchaser upon minting will receive a Mystery Box in their digital wallet. These boxes will then be revealed in a timed release, based on rarity.

While the specific quantities and benefits will vary between drops, each set in the B.Duck three-part series will be broken into three tiers of rarity; RARE, EPIC, and LEGENDARY. The details of the rarities available in the first drop are as follows:


Total Quantity: 3,560 complete unique designs

Reveal date: 2 January 2022


Total Quantity: 400 unique designs with additional design elements

Reveal date: 2 January 2022


Total Quantity: 40 unique designs with multiple combinations of additional design elements

Reveal date: 3 January 2022

This marks the beginning of a long and fruitful journey for the owners of B.Duck NFTs. MADworld, Semk Products, and Animoca Brands are fully committed to delivering exponential utility for every B.Duck NFT cast afloat throughout the multiverse. There will be game integrations, opportunities to multiply ownership through hatching, and events to cast your duck for fame and fortune. B.Duck NFT utility programs that have been confirmed include:

NFT Stake-and-Earn Mechanism

Our NFT staking program allows those who purchase, mint, and stake their B.Duck NFT for the duration of the three-part B.Duck NFT series to collect an allocation of UMAD tokens which will be airdropped to those who stake for the entire period at the end of the third NFT drop in the series.

This utility must be implemented immediately following the minting and reveal of the B.Duck NFT after the first drop in the three-part series.

Cast Your B.Duck for Fame and Fortune

B.Duck NFTs will be integrated into future content and gaming concepts. MADworld will work with platforms under the Animoca Brands network to launch games and creatives such as Ben Hansford to launch original content series starring B.Duck NFTs. Both will select a range of unique B.Duck NFT designs to star in their productions. Those selected will be limited to B.Duck designs that have been minted by the community. Those NFTs which are integrated, chosen either at random or by creative directors, will receive royalty payments for the use of their NFT design in different creative productions. These royalty payments will be allocated in UMAD tokens with payment amounts to be determined on a project basis.

This utility will be available as early as the second drop in the three-part B.Duck NFT series.

Auto-allowlist Placement for Future B.Duck Drops

All owners of B.Duck NFTs will be auto allowlisted for future B.Duck NFT drops in this three-part series. In addition, all B.Duck NFT owners will have the opportunity to be allowlisted for all future MADworld NFT launches with our different intellectual property partners. This utility will extend beyond this three-part B.Duck NFT series.

This utility will be available to all B.Duck NFT owners who can demonstrate they hold a B.Duck NFT in their digital wallet.

All B.Duck NFTs will be available in the secondary market on OpenSea.

This is the start of a long and exciting plan to bring joy, smiles, and playfulness to the NFT industry by launching these playful B.Duck designs into the metaverse where immediate and future utility and use cases will appear as our B.Duck NFT community grows. It’s important for B.Duck to remain at the forefront of innovation to ensure his loveable likeness continues to appear in new worlds of the future. MADworld looks forward to bringing B.Duck into the multiverse, bringing joy and positivity to our entire community of supporters.

14–29 December 2021: Range of allowlist opportunities — stay connected to MADworld

29 December 2021: Minting opens to allowlist winners

31 December 2021: Minting opens for public mint

02 January 2022: Reveal of RARE and EPIC rarity NFTs

03 January 2022: Reveal of LEGENDARY rarity NFTs

About Semk Products Limited

Established in 2001, Semk Products Limited specializes in the creation, design, licensing, brand management, and marketing of our iconic and evergreen B.Duck family of 26 intellectual property characters, including B.Duck, B.Duck Baby, Buffy. Our B.Duck Family Characters are designed under the motto “Be Playful” to appeal to a wide range of consumers across different geographies and demographics. The characters have established footprints in Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, and other countries across Asia and Europe.

About MADworld — the Multiverse Artist Defender (MAD)

MADworld Limited offers an NFT Origination Platform and network implementing blockchain technology to defend artists, artwork, creators, and content as they all enter the untraversed multiverse. MADworld supports NFT minting to validate ownership and provenance of physical art, collectibles and products, and original content developed from live concerts, sporting events, artist battles, and other modes of creative expression. MADworld is designed to give creators complete control over their NFT strategy, supporting them with maximizing the income and impact from their intellectual property, in perpetuity.

For more information and updates about MADworld, visit:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Instagram

About B.Duck

Designed by Eddie Hui in 2005, B.Duck was originally a gift for his children. He wanted to design a lovely rubber duck toy to accompany the children as they grew. He accomplished this by designing B.Duck with twinkling eyes and a lovely smile while incorporating a playful hairstyle into B.Duck’s appearance.

MADworld and Semk Products partner to bring B.Duck (2024)
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