MADworld x B.Duck NFTs Sell-out in Hours During the Genesis Drop (2024)

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Jan 4, 2022


MADworld x B.Duck NFTs Sell-out in Hours During the Genesis Drop (3)

Hong Kong — Tuesday 4 January: It’s been a Happy New Year for the newest owners of B.Duck NFTs which opened to the public for minting on 31 December 2021. The project launched to wild fanfare as the first B.Ducks took flight. The project sold-out of 4,000 ducklings within hours of opening to the public, witnessing the floor-price rise 230%, hovering around 0.2 ETH by the 2nd of January.

B.Duck NFTs have seen explosive success within the few days they’ve been flying free and the show is only getting started. Some quacktastic early facts about the B.Duck NFT launch:

· 4,000 B.Duck NFTs sold out within hours

· 1,900 owners exist — showing no owner can stick with just one!

· Trading volume hit a high of 201 ETH on the 3rd of January — showing excitement continues to grow!

MADworld, the NFT creators, are in the process of releasing huge utility benefits, exponentially increasing value for all B.Duck NFT owners, including airdrops of their native $UMAD token and launching a breed and hatch program for owners who buy and stake multiple B.Duck NFTs. This genesis drop was the first in a series of three for these 3D B.Duck NFTs and the project will continue to add significant value for all community members who participate, including:

$UMAD Airdrops — April 2022

Plans for airdrops of $UMAD, MADworld’s native token are now confirmed. The project intends to airdrop 888 $UMAD (~0.0314 ETH on Tuesday, 4 Jan 2022) per Mystery Egg minted on our website before 11:59 pm UTC on 31st December2021. Airdrops are expected during the month of April, with additional future airdrops to be scheduled and announced in the coming weeks.

Breed and Hatch Program — Springtime is almost here, which means breeding season!

Owners of B.Duck NFTs from the Founding Feathers Series will have the opportunity to stake and breed their ducks to hatch more Second Generation B.Ducks that will combine the abilities from parent ducks to create a never-before-seen B.Duck! Owning two Founding Feather series B.Ducks will allow owners to breed only one special second-generation B.Duck.

Start collecting your B.Ducks today and keep engaged with the community to get an official update on the specifics of the breeding mechanism dropping soon! All rarities will come with unique and valuable benefits so make sure to get as many B.Ducks as you can before they’re too hot! We will be dropping special hints and clues across all our socials in the coming weeks ~ stay tuned!

Check out our original B.Duck Medium announcement to learn more about all the cutting-edge on-chain content, gaming, and physical product opportunities MADworld plans to tie to B.Duck NFT ownership. This innovative partnership MADworld and B.Duck is already living up to its promise to deliver digital B.Duck assets that provide valuable and lasting utility, guarantee a return on joy to the MADworld community, and entertain B.Duck’s 10M global fans. Make sure you get yourself a one-of-a-kind B.Duck NFT to take flight, join the full journey, and maximize all the benefits of ownership!

Make sure to follow all MADworld official announcements and community channels across Twitter, Medium, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram to stay updated about B.Duck breakthroughs and updates.

About MADworld — the Multiverse Artist Defender (MAD)

MADworld Limited offers an NFT Origination Platform and network implementing blockchain technology to defend artists, artwork, creators, and content as they all enter the untraversed multiverse. MADworld supports NFT minting to validate ownership and provenance of physical art, collectibles and products, and original content developed from live concerts, sporting events, artist battles, and other modes of creative expression. MADworld is designed to give creators complete control over their NFT strategy, supporting them with maximizing the income and impact from their intellectual property, in perpetuity.

For more information and updates about MADworld, visit:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Instagram

About Semk Products Limited

Established in 2001, Semk Products Limited specializes in the creation, design, licensing, brand management, and marketing of our iconic and evergreen B.Duck family of 26 intellectual property characters, including B.Duck, B.Duck Baby, Buffy. Our B.Duck Family Characters are designed under the motto “Be Playful” to appeal to a wide range of consumers across different geographies and demographics. The characters have established footprints in Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, and other countries across Asia and Europe.

About B.Duck

Designed by Eddie Hui in 2005, B.Duck was originally a gift for his children. He wanted to design a lovely rubber duck toy to accompany the children as they grew. He accomplished this by designing B.Duck with twinkling eyes and a lovely smile while incorporating a playful hairstyle into B.Duck’s appearance.

MADworld x B.Duck NFTs Sell-out in Hours During the Genesis Drop (2024)
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