Perfect Two (A Rarijack Love Story) - Chapter 22 - Page 2 (2024)


Pinkie Pie suddenly appear beside me, sh*tting the hell out of me. "The hell, Pinks!" She sat between me and Twilight. "Guys! let's play a game!" She said. Everyone got curious. "What kind of game?" Fluttershy said. Pinkie smirked, and a bottle came out of nowhere. "Spin the Bottle! It's Pride Month, I wanna be gay tonight!" She said lifting the bottle in the air. Everyone gave her a 'No f*cking way.' look making Pinkie pouted. "Fine...let's just dance on the dance floor!" She said excitedly. Everyone agreed to Pinkie. Rarity went towards me. "Darling, I'll just go to the bathroom." She said. "Sure, let's meet at the kitchen. I'm just going to grab a drink." I said as she went towards the bathroom.

I wen towards the kitchen and grab a glass of water. I'm the only person here so it's kind of quiet. As I took a sip on my water, I saw Rainbow Dash went inside the kitchen and grab a water too. "Sup AJ." She said pouring water on the glass. "Sup, where's Fluttershy?" I asked. She went towards me and leaned on the counter beside me. "She went to the bathroom with Rarity." She simply said. I took a sip and look at her. "Uh, so how's life?" I asked. she look at me for a second before laughing. "Is that how you break an awkward silence with people? that's ridiculous and not like you." She said chuckling. I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want me to say, how's life, bitch?" I said jokingly. She smiled at me. "Well, life is good." She said taking a sip on her water. The kitchen is totally quiet, I can hear the sound of the crickets outside. For a minute, I got curious. "How did you met Fluttershy?" I randomly asked. She stared at me before looking at the ground smiling. Why did I asked that, sh*t. "It was horrific. You've dated Fluttershy before me, right?" She said. I nodded in response. "In my summer school, I was in the bar with Sunset. I was completely heartbroken that day." She said. I scratch the back on my neck. why did i asked this! " it because of me...?" I asked worried. She look at me for a second before smiling weakly. "Well kind of, because I was also dumped that day with my girlfriend...because of you." She said. Everything went silence until she she spoke.

"Sunset told me that her girlfriend Twilight has a friend who's single too, then they let us meet in the bar. I told her my past and she told me her past. And basically, I think we're both heartbroken by you." She said, slightly giggling beside me. I look the window and the sky. the sky was beautiful, and the stars are shining brightly. "I'm sorry about that..." I said laughing nervously. She look at me and smile. "Nah, it's not your fault. Plus, did you know Fluttershy has a two personality? like their are two kinds of her living inside a one body." She asked.

"Uh no, when we're still dating, she's nice even if we faught sometimes. why, what's this unique personality in Fluttershy?" I asked. she placed the glass of water on the counter before looking at me. "Her name is Fluttershy Breeze right? her second personality has a name too. it's Stephanie Breeze." She said. I look at her confused. "Dude, I'm confused." She look at me. "Stephanie is the rude type and Fluttershy is the nice type. When I met Stephanie, I accidentally groped her boobs because we both fell on the ground when we bumped into each other. did you know what she said to me?" She said, "What?" I said, curious. she started telling me the story.

_Story Time_ sneak peak to CatchMe,I'mFalling(AFlutterdashLoveStory)

I already finish my donut while skateboarding but I haven't finish my coffee yet, throwing the donut rapper in the nearest bin. I look at my phone and saw Fluttershy's number in it making me smile. I wasn't looking where I was going making me bump into someone, spilling my coffee all over that person. We both fell in the ground, and guess what. My right hand accidentally grope something. Dang it, Dash. I guess I bump into a girl.

I quickly remove my hand and look at her, hiding my blush. I can't see her face clearly because her hair was covering her face. "L-look where you're going...!" I said picking up my skateboard. She stood up and look at me. I can only see one of her eyes, glaring at me. sh*t, This girl creeps me out! "You grope my boobs and you're one who's mad at me? Tsk..." She said, picking up her stuff from the ground. I glared at her, a little embarrassed. "I-It was an accident, I didn't mean it!"

Perfect Two (A Rarijack Love Story) - Chapter 22 - Page 2 (2024)
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