Yogurty Butter Beans With Pistachio Dukkah Recipe (2024)



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Butter beans = lima beans Order them dried from Rancho Gordo and cook them up yourself for the best bean experience on the planet. I make a pot of their beans every week.


Please stop listing the amount of time as 15 min when it takes more than that to assemble all the ingredients


In his book Flavor, Ottolenghi has a recipe for Butter Beans in Smoked Cascabel Oil and he mentions the 700gm jar of Brindisa Navarrico large butter beans as being good quality.

Kit K

This was pretty good but lacked something. Next time, I would incorporate more veggies. Maybe arugula or blanched chopped asparagus. The turmeric oil added nothing. Whisk it into the bean dressing instead.


Lima beans taste nothing like butter beans. Butter beans are creamy and smooth textured.


I hate to sound like a know-it-all, but fennel fronds are NOT the same as dill (the herb). They have a very different flavor (mildly anise-y) and they would make a fine visual substitute here, but if the flavor of fresh dill is essential to a dish, you would do better to sub parsley, cilantro, or mint, or a combo of the three. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I have used fennel fronds as a garnish many times and never found them to be remotely dill-ish.

Johannah S

Vegan yogurt should be a fine non-dairy substitute for regular, or else a couple tablespoons of tahini (probably less than the quantity of yogurt). There are some non-dairy cheeses you could try subbing for the feta, but honestly I'd also try radish or quick-pickled onions. You could also marinate some cubes of tofu, if you want specks of creamy texture.


Thank you for putting the measurements in weight as well as volume! So helpful to know just what a cupful of leaves actually means.

Andrea Tepper

I will try this but will add sliced persian cukes for crunch.


My husband loved this, & I liked it. The yogurt sauce is great! For the dukkah, I'd suggest whirling the spices a bit before adding the pistachios: in order to keep larger bits of the nuts, much of the coriander remained whole, which can be pleasant in smaller quantities. Following another commenter, I didn't bother with the turmeric oil but instead sprinkled a bit onto the beans/yogurt and let it sit to develop. I used one can of limas & this recipe made a very large quantity, enough for 4.


Butter beans are not the same as lima beans. Butter beans are larger and creamy-colored; limas are green.


My wife makes vegan yogurt from soft, silken tofu.


Translating for Southerners: "Butter Beans" are Lima Beans down here.


i suggest that "fresh picked dill" is 1. meant to differentiate from dried dill and that 2. "picked" means "not chopped"


Added more fresh herbs. Grated the garlic into the yogurt. Per another’s suggestion, added the turmeric oil into the yogurt. Looked like spring on a plate. Does need a bit more of something for added flavor. Will repeat as spring progresses and add more veggies. Maybe more lemon?


Really great! Fairly simple to put together. I made this for a weeknight dinner and it was tasty but didn't shine as a meal--it's a mezze, not meant to be consumed all by its lonesome and in quantity. But it made for a fantastic breakfast the next day and also the day after, and I'll definitely make it again.


1/2 cup of dried beans = 1 15 oz canned beans


Subbed Trader Joe’s dukkah (added dried mint and sumac to taste as theirs is very fennel forward). Rancho Gordo cassoulet beans simmered in homemade veggie broth. Served alongside roasted whole carrots (cut in half after roasting—nice sweetness next to the beans/yogurt) and sliced cucumbers. 5 stars, and everything came together in 20 min once the beans were ready.


Great recipe! I served on top of lightly toasted whole wheat bread and it was amazing.


This recipe is awesome, and I did things that I think made it even better:-Served on top of arugula-Crushed toasted spices in a mortar and pestle before adding to food prep bowl to grind with pistachios-FOR THE VEGANS: I made this vegan with 1:1 subs. (Forager plain yogurt and butcher’s son brined feta). The yogurt was a star, but feta kinda just melted into the pea mixture; I think a little extra olive oil and a sprinkle of crunchy salt on top of the finished dish would do the trick cheaper


I love the flavors and textures of this dish! For making the dukkah, I toasted the seeds, ground them coarsely in a spice mill and transferred to a small bowl. Then I ground the pistachios separately. Worked perfectly.


Followed the recipe and really liked this dish! Added a touch of red pepper flakes to my serving. Nice light spring summer dinner main with a nice green salad and some roasted asparagus on the side.


How can you people say this was bland? It was so incredibly flavorful! Lemony, garlicky, feta-salty, pea-sweet, nutty from the pistachios, tangy from the yogurt, with herbs and spices--it was a riot of flavor and texture. I loved it. I swapped quantities of coriander and cumin seeds because I prefer cumin, and used a whole small tub of fa*ge full-fat Greek yogurt. Just delicious!


Don't order your butter beans (limas) from Bob's Red Mill. Expiration date a year away, but bean skins were peeling and lots broken. When they went into the water for a soak, they literally shriveled up and fell apart.


Different, beautiful. Have made it twice.


Disappointing. This mostly tasted of bland bean and could have used something more and/or additional herbs.


I wanted the beans to impart more flavor and texture so I did the following:Once I made the turmeric oil, I added the garlic I'd set aside for the yogurt sauce and cooked til slightly crisp. Next, I added the beans and smashed some to release the starches. Cooked for 2-3 minutes. Add some water/stock, cook for another 2/3 minutes. Remove from heat and add peas, dill, mint, flavorful olive oil, and some sale. Use yogurt as a base, then top with beans, dukkah and feta.


It’s took me two months to have all the ingredients at the same time. Was not fast to prepare. Followed to a “t” except for turmeric because why turmeric? For so many flavor packed ingredients, was surprisingly mild, because of the large beans. You can and should add more herbs and lemon and garlic. Was pretty good.


Used cannellini because it’s what I had. Used spice grinder pulsed lightly instead of food processor for seeds because the latter left the coriander whole. Transferred to the food processor for the rest of dukkah prep. Combined turmeric oil with yogurt as others suggested and doubled the yogurt sauce. Added cucumbers. Served over arugula. (Also added some poached chicken as I was serving as a main dish to some big eaters - which was totally unnecessary in retrospect.) Filling and delicious!


Whatever they are, we don't have them in Italy. I'll bet Ottolenghi knows a good substitute.

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Yogurty Butter Beans With Pistachio Dukkah Recipe (2024)
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