THE 12 BEST Mexican Restaurants in Maywood, CA - 2024 Restaurantji (2024)

Find Maywood's top spots for Mexican cuisine right here.


Rajas con Crema

Mexican • $$

3630 Slauson Ave, Maywood

Customers` Favorites

Carne En Su Jugo

Rajas Con Crema

Salsa Y Chips

Cajun Pasta


“We were warmly greeted upon arrival. They serve delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. You must give it a try. The restaurant is clean and has a great atmosphere. They play light music in the background. The dishes are flavorful. The waiter was attentive. The owner checked in with us and thanked us for eating at his restaurant. I will definitely be back to try other dishes.Parking: The restaurant has parking in the back and there's also free street parking.“

4.9 Superb69 Reviews



Tacos El Compa Est.1995

Tacos • $

4063 Slauson Ave, Maywood

Customers` Favorites

Chilaquiles Con Bistec

Chili Relleno Plate

Consome De Birria

Carne Asada Taco

Taco De Birria

Birria Tacos



“Honestly my favorite Mexican food spot. I've tried so many things here and none have disappointed. The fried quesadilla , gorditas, tacos de papa, Tinga, are a few of the many things I've had and all of them are a 10/10. I also Love the señoras that help take the order , they are the nicest sweetest ladies.“

4.8 Superb52 Reviews



Mariscos El Mazatleco Mexican Restaurant

Mexican • $$

5975 Atlantic Blvd, Maywood

Customers` Favorites

Aguachile De Callo De Hacha Y Camarón

Pescado Barramundi Zarandeado 2lbs

2 Empanadas De Camaron 1

Mango Habanero Aguachile

Chips and Spicy Salsa

Torre De Mariscos

“Food was great! Sadly kitchen closes early at 10pm I recommend the tostada torre has variety of seafood (a lot of meat) to try from and you can have it with Tostitos which gives it the perfect combination!!! The aguas frescas 10/10 along with the margaritas! And they have great happy hour deals everyday we went on a Wednesday it was half off on sushi unfortunately we didn’t get to try it because the lady said they’d be closing the kitchen soon so if you want to try it go early because they don’t serve it after 9pm.“

4.4 Superb84 Reviews



Mariscos El Chavalon

Seafood • $$

5516 Atlantic Blvd, Maywood

“The service was great. Our waitress recommended us the best tostada and tacos. Although for the price it was small portions it sure was worth it. The food was well seasoned and the salsa was awesome. We also had their flan which was to die for.“

4.3 Superb32 Reviews



Antojito’s y Mariscos La Morena

Mexican •

3711 Slauson Ave, Maywood

“(Translated by Google) When I tried that delicious shrimp broth, I looked for my mom all over the kitchen of the restaurant because I was sure that she had made it, with a good seasoning and I recommend it. I will go every weekend because I loved it(Original)Cuando probé ese rico caldo de camarón busque a mi mamá por toda la cocina del restaurante porque estaba seguro que ella lo había hecho buen sazón se los recomiendo iré cada fin de semana porque me encanto“

5 Superb9 Reviews



Ramirez resturant

Mexican •

6124 Atlantic Blvd, Maywood

“Compramos menudo para llevar bien servido con mucha carne buena apariencia y sin el tipico olor del menudo hasta que lo probamos ? hot as hell muy enchiloso solo dos adultos pudieron comer y con mucho dolor porque o se les paso de chile o se les callo todo el chile ala pot imposible de comer para los niños y para mi que no como tan picoso. Deven de decir que su versión es muy enchiloso“

4.7 Superb11 Reviews



Fiesta Del Mar

Seafood • $

4222 Slauson Ave, Maywood

Customers` Favorites


“Best aguachiles!!!! The portions are great. I've ordered a charola before for a party and it was everyone's favorite dish. Really spicy but delicious. Not a fan of the tostadas, but I usually don't eat my aguachiles with them anyways“

4.7 Superb11 Reviews



Taco boy

Mexican • $

4505 Slauson Ave, Maywood

Customers` Favorites

Chilaquiles Verdes Con Carne Quemada

Chile Relleno Plate

Cielo Mar Y Tierra

Carne Asada Plate

Enchiladas Plate

Taco Dorado




“So far Everytime I come here to get dinner my girl and I are never disappointed. Food is delicious, and very affordable prices. Highly recommend this place. The guy is very nice and friendly, thank you for delivering great foodParking: Not sure how many spots, there are another business around, but street is also available, whenever the lot is full is worth to look for street parking, food is delicious.Wheelchair accessibility: There is a ramp“

4.2 Good23 Reviews



Las Palapas Restaurant

Salvadoran • $

3540 Slauson Ave, Maywood

Customers` Favorites

Bistec Ranchero O Entomatado

Plato de Gallina Asada

Pollo A la Plancha

Mojarra Al Mojo

Caldo de Res

Carne Asada


“Pupusas start at $2.50 queso y loroco and revueltas are delicious. The place looks a bit outdated inside but they have been fixing it from what I can tell, it's pretty clean inside. If you're on the go I recommend you call in to place an order, ready in 15-20 min“

4.3 Superb16 Reviews



Mariscos El Cachi

Seafood •

5516 Atlantic Blvd, Maywood

“The service was great. Our waitress recommended us the best tostada and tacos. Although for the price it was small portions it sure was worth it. The food was well seasoned and the salsa was awesome. We also had their flan which was to die for.“

4.1 Good10 Reviews



Birrieria Estilo La Barca Jalisco

Mexican • $

6038 Atlantic Blvd, Maywood

“The food is authentic Mexican food , it's a family owned business with there number goal is to give good quality food at an affordable price, home made fresh big corn tortillas .. with aguas frescas or ur favorite Mexican soda in a bottle..“

4.1 Good10 Reviews



Birrieria Canelo's Estilo Michoacan

Tacos • $

5549 S Atlantic Blvd, Maywood

Customers` Favorites

Quesadilla De Birria

Tacos De Birria


“Sometimes I do inspections in this city (not food related), and when I’m in the area I try a different birria spot every time (there’s many). I really like this one. Super tasty. I had 2 tacos de cabeza and 3 tacos dorados de birria with cheese. Both tortilla types were really good. The birria was fresh and the consomé was super tasty, not salty or overpowering. The cabeza was soo good too! Soft and savory. Nothing was too greasy. The red salsa was rich, not watery (Mildly spicy if you’re Mexican, and probably more spicy for those that don’t always eat spicy.. try it anyway). I didn’t try other salsa. All veggies fresh too. The place is very small (only 5 tables). They take Apple Pay. I’ll be back.“

3.8 Good23 Reviews



THE 12 BEST Mexican Restaurants in Maywood, CA - 2024 Restaurantji (2024)
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